Yes, I Stand with Keith!

Why I support Keith Self for Congress

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Those Standing with Keith Self

Keith Self is a Great American. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Keith served for more than 20 years in the U.S. Army.

Keith Self is a proven Statesman. As Collin County Judge for more than a decade, Keith proved that he had the courage and intellectual stamina to not only stand firm against tax increases, our taxes were actually CUT by 25% during his tenure. 

Keith Self is a clear contrast to the incumbent Congressman Van Taylor. Keith would NEVER have voted with Speaker Pelosi to investigate American’s First Amendment rights, but incumbent Congressman Van Taylor did just that. Before the investigation even began, patriotic Americans knew that Democrats would use it to falsely accuse Patriots of extreme un-American things. They have shamefully called them insurrectionists, rioters, attackers, and even likened the peaceful gathering to the Pearl Harbor attack. I know several Americans who were counted among those in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. They were there to pray for America and to honor her tremendous heritage. SHAME on Congressman Van Taylor for supporting Pelosi’s obviously corrupt scheme to attack our First Amendment rights.

It is my honor and privilege to support Keith Self for Congress. As a close friend of the late former Congressman Sam Johnson, I know that he’d be honored to have Keith Self serving the citizens of this district. It’s wonderful to see that Congressman Johnson’s daughter has endorsed Keith Self too. Please join us in supporting Keith Self for Congress.

Cathie Adams

1st VP of Eagle Forum, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, former Republican National Committeewoman for Texas

Green Beret John Wayne Walding is a true American military hero.

During the harrowing battle of Shok Valley, Afghanistan, on April 6, 2008, that John lost his leg to a sniper, and yet returned fire for four more hours with his severed lower limb tied to his thigh. The incredible story of that six-hour fight is detailed in the book No Way Out: A Story of Valor in the Mountains of Afghanistan by Mitch Weiss and Kevin Maurer.

Post-injury, John attended Special Forces Sniper School and upon graduation became the first amputee ever to become a Green Beret Sniper. Using a hand crank, he went on to compete in the 2009 Boston Marathon, in which he finished 4th, finished in the top 10 in the 2009 New York Marathon and ran the Army 10 Miler.

“I really say to everyone that we owe it to the fallen to live well, and that’s something that people need to understand. Guys are still dying… if you don’t try to live every day as precious as it truly is, then it’s a travesty to them.”

“I enthusiastically endorse Keith Self for Congress. He wore the nation’s cloth for 25-years as a Green Beret brother. He has defended this nation and will vocally defend our Judeo-Christian foundations on the floor of the U.S. Congress. I cannot think of a more qualified person to represent conservative Texas values.”

John Wayne Walding

SFC (Ret), Celina, TX

I am proud to endorse Keith Self for any office he is willing to fill.

I watched many live and archived online meetings of the North Central Texas Council of Governments back from 2009 to 2012 time period when no one else even knew such a powerful body existed.  Keith Self represented Collin County.  I watched Keith as the lone voice to question items on the agenda and bring to light many liberty-crushing unintended consequences of such items, as he argued with the president of the council and members.  Many times, although Keith was the lone “nay” vote (out of 18), he voted his moral conscience and duty to the Collin County residents he served.  Keith has demonstrated his strength and stood for Liberty even though he stood alone.  I proudly add my name in support of Keith Self as my congressman for CD3.   I encourage other CD3 residents to do the same.

Barbara Harless

Murphy, TX

As a former Special Agent with ICE and Homeland Security, it is heartbreaking to watch the Biden administration open our southern border and dismantle all of the progress the Trump Administration made in building the wall and bringing illegal immigration and drug trafficking to a trickle.  This refusal to enforce our immigration laws dishonors the work and sacrifices all of us at ICE and the Department of Homeland Security made over the years and threatens the safety and security of every American.

I am honored to endorse Keith Self, a true Patriot and defender of American sovereignty, a 25-year Army veteran, for U.S. House of Representatives from the 3rd Congressional District. Keith spent time on the border, angry at the open borders policy and the uninterrupted flow of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande onto sovereign U.S. territory. He will be a strong voice and vote to secure our borders.

Mr. Avila has been featured on FoxNews, i24News, Univision, OANN, Telemundo, and various Syndicated Radio and Podcast interviews.

He authored “Agent Under Fire : A Murder and a Manifesto”

Victor Avila

U.S. Special Agent, Retired

On the wall in my home office is a statue of a young Abraham Lincoln holding a book. The inscription on the statue is, “I will prepare myself and perhaps someday my time will come.” I believe Keith Self has prepared himself to enter the race against an incumbent of his own party in a primary run for the Republican Party’s congressional nomination and eventual election victory in 2022. His time has come! He has prepared himself on a variety of fronts with terrific experience and accomplishments to represent the hard-working citizens and patriots of the district I share with Keith, my fellow West Point graduate and retired officer.

     Choice of a candidate to support for an elected position requires an examination of their accomplishments in public service and the elements that comprise the political philosophy of the person. Keith Self has proven himself an outstanding patriot and servant in military and public service. His outstanding career in the military consists of a record, obviously appealing to veterans, which is also attractive to all voters in the 3rd Congressional district because he understands the strategic threats to the United States on the national security level. He will be our watchdog in Washington for a strong military prepared to counter danger, both foreign and domestic. Above all, he will be a strong advocate for policies within our military that prepare it to be a cohesive fighting force, not debilitated and weakened by the latest political winds that engulf the country.

     In local service, he served twelve years in a distinguished manner as the County Judge of Collin County, the entity of which comprises a majority of the constituents of the district. In that position he oversaw a County Commissioners Court that actually lowered taxes! Politically Self will be a congressman that will not bend to political pressures to go along to be popular.

     President Thomas Jefferson wrote about judging people on talent and virtue. Martin Luther King advocated judging people by their character and not by the color of their skin. By any standard Keith Self measures up to the candidate I desire to serve me in the United States Congress.

The Honorable Allen B. Clark

Fifth Special Forces Vietnam 1966-1967