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Where Keith Self Stands on the Issues

As a Collin County Judge, Keith never backed down, and he never gave in. In Washington, he won’t care what the establishment, the mainstream media, or the special interests thinks. He will stand up for us.

Border Security

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What People Are Saying About Keith Self

“Congressman Keith Self is a terrific Congressman for the people of Texas’ 3rd Congressional District! Keith bravely served our Country as a Lieutenant  Colonel in the U.S. Army, and in Congress, he is fighting to Strengthen our Military, Defend our Country, Secure the Border, Support our Veterans, and Protect our Second Amendment, which is under siege by the Radical Left. Congressman Keith Self has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”


President Donald J. Trump

“The situation on our southern border is nothing short of a crisis, caused by the Biden administration’s purposeful failure of leadership. With determined leaders like Keith Self in Congress, we are working to stem the flow of drugs like Fentanyl and the tsunami of illegal immigrants that are having a disastrous impact on communities all across America.

As a combat veteran, Keith Self fought against the forces of evil around the world. In Congress, Keith is a tenacious leader in the fight to secure our border and protect our families. Please join me in supporting Keith Self for Congress so his fight for conservative values can continue.”

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan

“Keith Self is a rare commodity in Washington. As a freshman member of ‘The Patriot Twenty,’ Keith held firm to his principles and proved to be strategic in his thinking. He is a fierce defender of conservative values and I encourage the voters of TX-03 to send Keith Self back to Congress.”


Congressman Chip Roy TX-21

“As County Judge, Keith Self left a legacy of conservative leadership that provided the foundation for sound economic growth and lower taxes for our communities. As our Congressman, Keith is carrying on that legacy as our representative in Washington.”

Chris Hill

Collin County Judge

“Congressman Keith Self is the fighter we need in Washington. Keith has been leading the charge to help end the border crisis and stop the flow of dangerous drugs like Fentanyl. I encourage you to join me in voting for Congressman Keith Self on March 5th.”

Terry Jones

Hunt County Sheriff

Keith Self is Texas Tough

Border Security:

Keith Self has been relentless in the fight against Joe Biden’s failed policies that are putting Texas families at risk. Keith voted for H.R. 2 – Secure the Border Act that would resume construction of the border wall. He also introduced the El Chapo Act which takes money seized from the cartels and uses it to secure our borders. At home, Congressman Self supports Operation Lonestar and proposed that the federal government reimburse Texas for its border security efforts.


As County Judge, Keith Self helped cut the property tax rate by nearly 30 percent. In Congress, Keith has voted against raising the debt ceiling and opposed Continuing Resolutions that just kick America’s financial obligations down the road. Instead, Congressman Self has been working to lower taxes, cut wasteful spending, and reduce the size of government in order to grow our economy and stifle inflation.

Energy Independence:

Congressman Keith Self voted for H.R. 1 – Lower Energy Costs Act that helps expand refining capacity, streamline the permitting process and promote exploration that will return America to energy independence. In Congress, Keith is working to stop Joe Biden’s Green New Deal policies that are driving up energy costs for American families.

Election Integrity:

Keith believes that elections must remain under state control, he supports election integrity laws such as requiring a photo ID to vote, and he insists that all future voting machines include a paper trail.

2nd Amendment:

Keith hunted in the Texas panhandle as a boy, and he served with Airborne Infantry, Special Forces units and Joint units on four continents. He is a life-member of the National Rifle Association. Keith understands that gun ownership and self-defense are foundational to the American way of life, and he will fight all efforts by the left to curtail our Constitutional rights.


Keith believes in the sanctity and value of every human life. The sonogram is the greatest tool in our fight against the barbarism and child sacrifice of the abortion industry. In Congress, Keith will fight to protect the Hyde Amendment and finally defund Planned Parenthood.

A Strong America:

Keith Self is a combat veteran who serves a vital role on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In Congress, Keith has consistently voted against funding for the conflict in Ukraine, while advocating that France and Germany follow through on their commitments to help stop Russian aggression. America’s focus should be on securing peace through strength and returning to a posture of deterring future conflicts rather than funding forever wars.

Keith’s Endorsements




Cathie Adams

1st VP of Eagle Forum
former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas
former Republican National Committeewoman for Texas

Barbara Harless

Grassroots Activist
Citizen Lobbyist

Victor Avila

US Special Agent, Retired
Author – News Contributor

The Honorable Allen B. Clark

Fifth Special Forces Vietnam 1966-1967

John Wayne Walding

SFC (Ret)
Green Beret – American Hero


Keith Self shares “My campaign for Congress

Keith’s Bio

Washington needs Texan Toughness

Keith Self is a native Texan who served his military career around the world. Keith graduated from high school in Amarillo, then accepted an appointment to The United States Military Academy at West Point. Upon retiring from the U.S. Army after 25 years of service, Keith ran for and was elected County Judge in Collin County. In that position, Keith stood up for us when others wouldn’t—cutting taxes 25%, defending private property rights, and solving the pension crisis. Keith is running for Congress because Washington needs fewer elitist politicians and more true Texas toughness.

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